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Editorial Staff

Trinidad teacher and security jointly charged with sex trafficking

A 46-year-old female, Private School teacher and a 35-year-old male security guard were jointly charged with sexual penetration and with trafficking in a minor for sexual exploitation.

They appeared before Magistrate Indra Ramoo-Haynes at the Tunapuna Magistrates’ Court today.

The teacher also answered to two counts of Sexual Penetration at a School, two counts of Causing or Inciting a Child to Engage in Sexual Activity, two counts of Trafficking a Minor for Sexual Exploitation and one count of Sexual Penetration at a House in East Trinidad.

She had a total of nine charges laid against her.

Both accused were denied bail.

The charges stem from a report of sexual abuse and trafficking of two, 12-year-old female students, made directly to the Special Victims Department on November 3by the Principal of the learning institution.

Reportedly both minors were sexually penetrated on the school compound by the teacher and again assaulted sexually by both accused at a location in Malabar between September 1 and November 3.

Investigations into the report were immediately launched, which uncovered a sexual exploitation ring involving minors.

On December 13 both accused were arrested following a search warrant exercise.

Both are expected to reappear in court on January 16. (Trinidad Express)


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