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Editorial Staff

Covid-19 is not over: CMO calls for vigilance this holiday season

Gatherings for the holidays are less of a concern but shouldn’t be a nonconcern. That’s the view of the island’s Chief Medical Officer Rhonda Sealy Thomas who says there must be vigilance during this holiday season

It’s no secret that the holiday season has been different since the coronavirus pandemic began.

In 2020, for example, families were encouraged not to gather to lower the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.  And last year, people were strongly advised to get together only if everyone present was fully vaccinated and to consider masking up when indoors and, whenever possible, eating outside.

But 2022 feels different — and with good reason. Fewer people are dying of Covid than they have in the past, and hospitalizations due to the virus are also down, per data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

However, Dr. Sealy-Thomas told State Media that while residents should take full advantage of the celebrations, they must remain vigilant.

“This season is important to Antigua and Barbuda, two years of lockdown, and everyone is happy to be out and to be able to celebrate with family and friends however we still need to be vigilant. Covid-19 is still out there and we are still vulnerable,” she said on State Media

She is encouraging residents who may have flu liked symptoms to stay away from gatherings and use protective measures.

Dr. Sealy-Thomas says the country is in a better place where the virus is concerned.

“The public, they are more aware of Covid-19 and other respiratory diseases and how they can remain protected…the washing of hands, wearing of face mask.

Although the mask is not mandated, several people still wear a facemask.

Antigua and Barbuda is one of the countries in the Eastern Caribbean with the highest vaccination rate.

Meantime the CMO said residents should also be aware of food-borne diseases.


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