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Editorial Staff

Beenie Man at risk of losing foot, cancels upcoming shows

​Dancehall superstar Beenie Man has canceled all of his upcoming events after he was advised by his doctor that he is at risk of losing his foot which was injured last month.

In November, the artiste reportedly injured his ankle when a taxi collided with a bike he had been driving in the Corporate Area. According to a source, the deejay was briefly hospitalised then released.

In a video posted to social media on Saturday, Beenie Man’s orthopedic surgeon explained the extent of the artiste’s injuries and what could happen if he did not give his foot the time needed to heal properly.

“He has an injury to the right ankle and it is recommended that he stays at home, [and] elevate the foot because if not there is potential of him losing the foot; possibility of amputation is very high. So I recommend that he does not travel any long distances, worst by aircraft,” the doctor said.

Beenie Man went on to apologise to his fans for the cancellations.

“People it’s no joke, I got a sprain and a cut and I took it for joke. I went to England and I went to Israel and I made it worse so in order for my foot to get better I have to rest,” he said.

“Big big apologies to all my fans and well-wishers; to the promoters. This is circumstances beyond my control,” he added.

The Sim Simma deejay was scheduled to perform in Grenada soon. (Jamaica Observer)


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