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Editorial Staff

St Lucia disburses cash to households affected by trough system

About 300 households in Castries St Lucia received $2500.00 this week, to assist them with damages caused by the November 06, trough system.

The November 6 Trough System destroyed the homes and business places of more than 300 households in St Lucia. The worst affected areas included Corinth Estate, Gros-Islet, and Bexon, Castries.

Immediately following the passage of the November 6 Trough System, Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre released $200,000 to the National Emergency Management Organization [NEMO] to strengthen its post-disaster response and also provide affected households with emergency supplies.

Following a comprehensive damage assessment report compiled by The NEMO and after consultation with the Cabinet of Ministers, the Prime Minister took measures to facilitate additional assistance for the affected households as reports indicated most of the victims were not comprehensively insured at the time of the passage of the Trough System.

At now, the Prime Minister’s request, another 800,000 be allocated to the Saint Lucia Social Development Fund [SSDF] for the purpose of providing additional financial support to the households and families who lost their possessions due to the flood damage caused by the November 6 Trough System.

On December 22, 2022, the affected households were each given $2500 cheque from the SSDF.

This timely intervention, actioned by Prime Minister Pierre and supported by the Cabinet of Ministers, was rendered before the climax of the Christmas holidays and in less than two months since the passage of the November 6 Trough System.

The Prime Minister takes this opportunity to encourage the public to spare a compassionate thought for the dispossessed and less fortunate among us and embrace the spirit of Christmas which is to share blessings and join hands as a community and country.


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