Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Turner says Asot’s team defacing his posters

Statement from Turner

The Asot Michael Team, operating in the Constituency of St. Peter, have been destroying, defacing, or placing his posters over the Rawdon Turner placards and billboards that were first stapled on the posts.

This practice is unlawful and constitutes an abuse of the honorable behavior expected of all candidates as they compete for the electors’ attention and support.

“As the duly nominated Candidate for St. Peter’s, my team and I are advocating for a peaceful, fair , and honest electoral race during the election period: Mr. Turner asserted. ”

This behavior as unfortunate as it is leaves little to be desired as we seek to effectively represent the good people of St. Peters as lawmakers.”

I therefore, call on Mr. Michael’s team to refrain from engaging in abusive campaign activities, and to allow all contenders to adequately present themselves to the electorate.

Both men are contesting the St Peter constituency. Michael was replaced by Turner after he fell out of grace with the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party.


  1. Kunta Kentae Guyanese wild meat bai

    what is DISCO DUMPLING so afraid of?? He afraid all the laptop, bed spead, $$$ etc etc won’t translate to votes??? Lard sumbaddy carl Peter Virdee day jack. De DISCO DUMPLING a fart and panic!!

    • Anonymous

      The SLAVE MASTER has set his goons to do his dirty work. That is his M. O. It’s quite unfortunate that our young black men in the constituency of St. Peters can’t think for themselves. I hope they realize that Turner can vote for himself but Asot have to vote for someone else.


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