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Editorial Staff

Plans to form Rastafarian Farmers Cooperative in St Mary’s Parish

Ways for formalizing the establishment of a Rastafarian Farmer Cooperative in St Mary’s Parish were among matters discussed when the MP for that community Samantha Marshal met with Rastafarians recently

This she said would be done with the help of the Ministry of Agriculture.

“Moreover, we aim for this venture to better enable skills sharing, increased productivity, and equal distribution of wealth.” She said

Present at the meeting were Ika Fergus, the Extension Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, Caleb Gardiner of the Entrepreneurship Development Fund, and Sagifoo, of the Rastafarian community.

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  1. Eldridge

    Sagaifoo, why you allowing dem fraud ALP ministers to use you for a wedge in Rasta community, after they done ruin the country and give way our land to foreigners? See how Franki end up?


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