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Editorial Staff

Technical agreement signed for Boobey Alley Project

A technical agreement was signed on Thursday between the government and the Peoples’ Republic of China, for the continuation of work on the Boobey Alley Project.

The area has been assessed in terms of the topography and other environmental aspects and plans are moving along to the next phase of the project, which will see the commencement of construction in Pointe.

Housing Minister Maria Bird Browne praised the assistance from the friendly government, saying the move will continue to strengthen their relationship.

Bird-Browne said her government is committed to the continued empowerment of the people in Antigua and Barbuda.

“Since its inception, the ABLP government in 2014 embarked upon a housing revolution. When we look at climate-resilient housing, we look at every sector and every class of individuals. We look especially, at those who are at the lower end of the earning spectrum. We look at affordable housing, low-income housing, and now social housing…”, Bird-Browne said.

She said the people of Boobey Alley will now be empowered with climate resilience houses, offered through the efforts of both governments.

The initiative according to Bird-Browne will be expanded to several other communities including Perry Bay, Bolands and Clare Hall.

Meanwhile, Chinese Ambassador Zhang Yanling, the agreement reflects China’s purpose in helping achieve community development.

“Based on the exchange of notes between our government signed in August, this agreement signifies the commencement of a new phase forward to implement the project…”, she said

Yanling also thanked her team and the government’s team for their hard work so far.


  1. Eldridge

    Gaston Browne, the only legacy of your disastrous failed leadership of our country, apart from pauperizing us, is the colonization of Antigua and Barbuda by wicked Communist China. RED DEAD!!!

    • Bobcat Bill

      What han hidiot boi you be. You need fi wheel han cut again. De man ah one genius
      But uno wouldn’t see or say dat. Wake up and live Bredda goat.

      • Eldridge

        Bobcat Bill
        You write English like a Chinaman. You all come here to work like slaves for your wicked genocidal government. You know nothing about us and our country. Gaston is as far from genius as the moon from the sun. Gaston dunce, spend his time cussing and threatening decent Antiguans. Like you he can’t even talk good English. He is the worst Prime Minister ever in any CARICOM country. Take him back to China with you and put him to live with the Uigurs in the concentration camp your govt built for them!

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