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Editorial Staff

Tragedy in Dominica: Dr. Velma Valmond murdered

​A medical practitioner in the neighboring island Dominica has been murdered by her boyfriend, who reportedly drank a poisonous substance after commiting the heinous act.

Dr. Valmond, a well-known individual was killed shortly after noon at her Goodwill residence. She may have been shot.

Her 17-year-old daughter who was also at home was seriously injured by the man in the process.

The man, who works as a security officer is said to be fighting for his life at the Dominica-China Friendship Hospital.

Meanwhile, messages of condolences flooded social media following news of the incident.

Maureen Valmond wrote “ Vel Babes,  In our last call, I told you how much I love you. When we met, you told me how much you love me and proud of me. I told you I can’t wait for the day you become Dr Velma Valmond. And you replied “But you have to become Dr Maureen Valmond too”  I will miss our calls. I will miss the impromptu moments in our discussions when I would ask-“So Vel, which side do you want? The professional Maureen or the dramatic Kahina” and you would say “Both, because I love both sides” and we would laugh.

Others say they will remember her as a young and hand working woman who always had a smile on her face.

Police are investigating the matter. This is Dominica’s 17th homicide for the year


  1. Anonymous

    Wow…this is so sad 😔 Condolences to her family

  2. Anonymous

    It is so said that you would think something like this would happen in Dominica such a vibrant soul. RIP young men please think before you act please life is worth more than that.


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