“Barefaced racism”

Editorial Staff

Jan 3, 2023

Moses married a black-skinned woman but his siblings disapproved and criticized him for doing so, even venturing to challenge his God-invested authority. It was quite clear that Miriam and Aaron were not willing to accept a particular skin tone as an equal, but were quite comfortable with these being among them, making up the numbers. Better for business perhaps.

Very quickly, God acted to address this hypocrisy, and Miriam was painted the colour she preferred, “white”. Moses on the other hand, being the humble servant and loving brother that he was, prayed for his sister and petitioned God to heal her. Her white defiled skin was the manifestation of a black and depraved heart and both skin and heart needed to be healed. God obliged and Miriam was restored.

There are people living among other people that are not accepting of what God has made all “peoples” to be. Can a negro change his skin or a leopard his spots? Why then be critical of others for what no man can account for?

Dark-skinned people are like a magnet; one pole attracts exploitation and the other is repelled by racism.

Millions of other “peoples” have moved into the territories of dark-skinned people for the sole purpose of exploitation.

World history speaks volumes about this practice, which, sadly enough, continues today.

In my country, there are those who came for that very reason, and it’s evident by what cannot be refuted. There are peoples here that would not accept a dark-skinned son for their lighter-skinned daughter, or vice-versa but would gladly, even forcibly accept the sweat that falls from the dark skin of our people and store it in their bank accounts.

Why is it that our people do not seem to be aware of the ploy of these racists? We seem to be near-sighted, far-sighted, short-sighted or having no sight at all. There is no other way for these sly foxes to grow wealthy than for our people to patronize their businesses,  and we do so wholeheartedly, even to the demise of our own businesses.

It should be balanced to say that if someone cannot accept my black child into their family, then they should not desire to accept my black money into their coffers. One should not desire to profit from my prosperity while rejecting my posterity, they are one and the same. When my wick ceases to burn for lack of fuel, I will most likely leave two things behind, my goods and my offspring.  These two are evidence that I existed, and are the byproducts of me being spent.

Black people are just valuable to those who take but worthless to those who might have to pass on an inheritance.

Once again it’s time to elect a government to lead our people, and leading the charge to influence the votes are those who would not accept our sons and daughters into their families.

These, however, brazenly think it’s their right to determine our destiny. Not everyone however is as challenged in sight as most of us are. Some of us can see what the deal is and would not lend a hand to this nefarious intent. These racists never had nor ever will hold our interest in their actions. For

them, it’s about positioning themselves to have more power over their slaves, because that is what we have become.

I call upon our leaders to promptly divorce themselves from this enslaving element and do what they have been chosen to do; lead their people to freedom.

May the God of Moses grant you wisdom and revelation in knowing His mind and expose the foul intent of those who scorn the “work of his hand”.

 Good Sighted.

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  1. Anonymous

    Food for thought.
    May God help us all in this country.


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