Gail Pero-Weston to tackle health care

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Jan 3, 2023

Attorney at law Gail Pero-Weston, a woman who emerged last minute and entered into the political race on an independent ticket is not satisfied with the country’s health care system.

Pero-Weston, the nominated candidate for St Johns Rural South told State TV on January 2nd that the entire healthcare system in Antigua and Barbuda needs to be overhauled.

She said this is but one of the many areas that have not been properly governed by this and other administrations

Pero-Weston said if she were to be successfully voted into Parliament, she would seek to address some of the issues affecting nurses, other healthcare practitioners, and the population at large.

“Nursing personnel need to be comfortable in carrying out their functions. We need an increase in nurses. They have been crying out for allowances, and salary increases. If our nurses are grumpy and miserable, they not intentionally, they can pass it on to those who are sick,” she said.

More access to healthcare facilities is another issue raised by Pero-Weston.

“In St Johns Rural South and just about every constituency, you have people who are aging, and when they have to attend clinics, the clinics are not situated close enough to them. Arranging transportation becomes difficult. Some of them have to walk. You get there and then the services are not available, some equipment is broken down or the doctor did not come in today,” she said

Pero-Weston said there is also a fear of not wanting to go to the main hospital.

“People should not be afraid to have to go to the hospital. That is a fear that is very real in Antigua and Barbuda. We need to take a look at how health care is managed” she said

The newly nominated candidate sees herself as the “balance” among the political parties.

I believe I will be able to bring a balance to the dispute between both factions. Often we hear both sides and we are still unsure what the real position is. I believe I will be able to bring attention to the issues that the government of the day is reluctant to bring attention to,” she said.

“I believe I can speak truth to the issues so that people can feel comfortable that they are being governed well,” she added

Pero-Weston taught at the Golden Grove Primary and the Marie-Clare Primary Schools.

“I am not known as a hotshot attorney, I have enjoyed my quiet space but now I have decided it is about time that I do more, that I say more…” she said

She also criticized the government’s handling of the Covid-19 vaccination process. She said residents should not have been forced to take the jab. 


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