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One Nation: Concert of All Time

Editorial Staff

Jan 8, 2023

Thousands flocked the ARG grounds on Saturday for what was clearly one the biggest concerts in Antigua and Barbuda history.

Under the auspices of Prime Minister Gaston Browne, top local, regional and international artists performed at their best to satisfy patrons of the One Nation Concert.

If ever the saying that Antigua and Barbuda is the multi-cultural melting pot were true, then last night proved just that.

Beres Hammond, Wyclef Jean, Machel Montano, the original burning flame, and Tian Winter were among some of the tops acts.


  1. Anonymous

    Look a people!
    It is amazing how it seems like so MANY persons were criticizing the key players for hosting this concert but the article stated that “THOUSANDS flocked the ARG…” Just wondering if the critics were there. Just give me a break. Bark bark bark but NO bite!!!

  2. Antiguan woman

    If I wasn’t tired from going to the pipe numerious times to fill bucket so I could use my washing machine….I would properbly have gone to the show….I mean maybe those people do laundry on Friday…..any hoo…..Antiguan love it a free show …..let’s wait till voting day n see if the same number turn out to vote….

    • Can't stand wicked and badminded humans

      But UPP make the water system worse. So what are you talking about? UPP didn’t fix the water problem thy made it worse.

  3. Truth Be Told

    ONE NATION UNDER GOD! Antigua and Barbuda is truly blessed!

    • Kimanawalter

      My neighbour asked me to loan her 20 dollars to buy bread. Her children had no breakfast. Yet we spend 2 million US on fun and frolic. Hooray! The god who never sleeps is watching. !!!

  4. Foreigner

    I don’t understand you ppl in ANU. Y’all acting like the prime Minister is responsible for the situations some of you find yourselves in, like he live in y’all homes or he is y’all parents. He is responsible for the country. There is so many opportunities for Antiguans to get up and go for but choose to sit n talk n become another $&&*


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