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PM Browne condemns assault on Democracy in Brazil

72 General Debate – 20 September by His Excellency Gaston Alphonso Browne, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Corporate Governance of Antigua and Barbuda

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has condemned the storming of the Congress in Brazil by supporters of the country’s former, leader, Jair Bolsonaro.   

Prime Minister Gaston Browne also denounced the actions of right-wing groups who surrounded the Supreme Court and the Presidential Palace. 

Thousands of supporters of Brazil’s far-right former president Jair Bolsonaro invaded the country’s congress, the presidential palace and supreme court on Sunday, in a grim echo of the US Capitol invasion two years ago by backers of former president Donald Trump.

About 6.30pm three hours after initial reports of the invasion, security forces managed to retake the three buildings, Brazilian media reported.

TV images showed dozens of rioters being led away in handcuffs. Police said 300 people had been arrested over the attacks

Browne said “Mr. Bolsonaro lost the Presidential election, found to be free and fair by Observers from international organizations, including the Organization of American States, and the will of the electorate must be fully respected”. 

“These attacks on institutions of government by groups, seeking to overturn the results are assaults on democracy, which will not be tolerated by the governments and peoples of the Hemisphere”,  Prime Minister Browne stressed.  

“The Government of Antigua and Barbuda stands in support of democratically-elected President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and his government, and we will make this position clear at the OAS and at the UN, in the coming days,” the Prime Minister added. 

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  1. Elden Charles

    Pay attention to the puppets that parrot the same message all over the Earth. Talk to a Brazilian and they will tell you Lula was not elected by the people. That’s why millions have been peacefully protesting for 2 months. Lula had almost no supporters during the campaign. He is a criminal that was released from jail for this very purpose. This is why the military in Brazil is currently making moves to intercede in the whole corrupt debacle. The so called assault on democracy in Brazil smells like a false flag; meaning, the enemies of the people, dress like the people, then commit illegal acts, then the whore media tells the sheep outside of the country what to think. They did the same thing on January 6th 2021 in the U.S. It has now been proven that the FBI staged the whole thing, and they used this false flag as an excuse to arrest peaceful protestors, who have been in jail for almost 2 years without trial; a direct violation of the law. The CIA has been running these kinds of operations for decades all over the world. The PM needs to focus on his own country. Think! What does Brazil have to do with us? Why make a statement like this without knowing the facts on the ground? Answer: he is most likely a controlled puppet of the adversary that oppresses the people of the Earth. The lawless defend the lawless! Start paying attention my brothers and sisters, or you will most certainly be deceived and destroyed by their agenda. https://twitter.com/ellaramo/status/1612448373180665858?s=46&t=f_xC03mM9s22DnbPGBWsQg


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