Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

“Voting was smooth, fast, and steady”…says PM Browne and Maria

Both Prime Minister Gaston Browne and his wife Maria cast their ballots this morning in the General Election, saying that the process was smooth.

 “It was a seamless process. They (ABEC) would have very good competence in the conduct of the election. We are very happy and we expect the election to be uneventful and that we’ll continue to demonstrate to the rest of the world that Antigua and Barbuda is a bastion for electoral politics and democracy,” Browne stated

 The couple is voting in St John’s Rural North, a constituency represented by Charles Max Fernandez, a member of the ABLP.

 The couple cast their ballots at the Cedar Grove Primary School.

There are 4,187 registered electors in the St John’s Rural North constituency.

Both Browne and his wife commended the Antigua and Barbuda Election Commission (ABEC) for work done to ensure the voting “process is fast and easy”.

The prime minister had a similar experience at the voting booth as his wife.

Browne did not fall short of saying how confident he is that the constituency will remain in the hands of the ABLP.


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