A desperate search continues for missing toddler in Soufriere

Editorial Staff

Jan 23, 2023

Aiden Dolor, is autistic and not able to speak

The Soufriere community in Castries St Lucia is still looking for a missing toddler who disappeared on Sunday afternoon.

The child whose name is Aiden Dolor, is autistic and not able to speak. Dolor is three years old.

“We have been searching everywhere, all different houses in the neighborhood,” Debbie Dolor, aunt of the missing boy told reporters on Sunday

Reports are that Dolor was in his home playing with his 13-year-old brother and he was asked to go and wipe his hands. The aunt said he did not return.

Debbie, a neighbor, reportedly saw the autistic boy on the road but said she never saw him after that.

“Someone on the other side of the road said they saw him running up and down the road. If he was alone, he would be making noise. They should take him back to his mother because they know his situation. The people in the area know him well,” Dolor said.

Aiden is wearing a purple shirt and grey pants.

Persons with information are asked to call 4870060.


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