Mr. Pringle… what about us the youth?

Editorial Staff

Jan 24, 2023

Dear Editor

I am still flabbergasted, dumbfounded and in a state of shock that after the Opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) used their election campaign to hype up young people, not one young person is represented in Parliament on the opposite side.

Today four senators were appointed. I have nothing against these “seasoned” men and one woman, but Alas, have the UPP been suddenly diagnosed with amnesia that they totally and completely forget the promises made?

Have you got no regarded us anymore now that you no longer need us? Is our politics so transactional that promises made are totally brushed aside?

While we understand that you may have wanted Shawn Nicholas to secure her pension and decided to keep her another two years, and perhaps you wanted the workers union to be presented, what about Johnathan Joseph and Alex Browne?

I mean seriously speaking did Jamal Pringle the UPP Leader hand pick these people? Or were they handpicked on his behalf?

Youth is considered anyone under the age of 35 and the new senators are over 50 and counting, I’m sure. Please, this is not being disrespectful or discriminatory, but what about our youth?

The UPP came to the Youth Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda, pleading with young people to vote for them. To give them a chance. Promising that our voices would be heard. Promising this and promising that.

Ok…Well, the excuse can be that the UPP did not win the elections…But there was an opportunity to elect one young person.

What about Guishonne Powell? In my view, he is just as bright as the ABLP’s Caleb Gardner.

Let me put it on record that I am very disappointed in the lack of youth representation in parliament on the UPP’s side.

Perhaps we need to jump ship and support the party that seemingly cares about young people. Perhaps Mr. Pringle?


Disappointed Youth


  1. Can't stand wicked and badminded humans

    You all will learn about politics, more things change more they remain the same

    • Anonymous

      So disappointed as well smfh

    • Rosetta Nathaniel

      Shout you all
      Ass shout up please, please leave upp party and mr : Pringle alone period

  2. Swetes

    I agree n this was well put together

  3. Dexter

    Remember young man…all well and said..the UPP NEEDS THE AWU support of its members… UPP is like soldier crab…using the shell 🐚 of the DEAD PLM…that party change names so many times but cling to the union like a parasite.

  4. Laugh my face off

    😂😂😂😂😂 Yu all vote him in right so take whatever he gives you all.

  5. Mystic

    Generation GAP guru
    Murder they WROTE
    Young gat OLD by Throat
    Who write de Scriot
    How Long To Live.
    Discard & Bombard
    Life Like Moses Kills
    We Suffering Still.

  6. Little Johnny

    The two new senators were well deserved as senators. Aspiring to be government ministers, but in the case of Shawn Nicholas, it should be a youth instead of her. Remember Pringle cannot make decision on his own. He is Giselle puppet. Pringle need to take charge and let them know he is the boss.


    UPP is off to an early start with their LIES & BROKEN PROMISES!!


  8. Well well well

    Washed up David massiah was FIRED ALREADY BY BALDWIN SPENCER. Bring him back to prove what??

    No YOUTH FROM ALL SAINTS EAST AND ST. LUKE is worthy to be Senator in the eyes of Dead Dog Pringle??

    Shawn Nicholas me sure done reach menopause! Way de YOUTH Pringle???? She securing her pension eh?

    Alex Browne can’t talk or read properly

    Jonathan Joseph is a joke! He need to encourage his wife to go JOGGING early morning. She huge, obese and overweight …or “mampee” as we say locally.

    Not a single Senator from Progressive YOUTH??? Shameful!!!!!


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