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Editorial Staff

Cabinet to approve all Ministry of Works contracts

The new downsized Cabinet met for the first time on Wednesday

All contracts, both small and large emanating from the Ministry of Works will come before Cabinet for final approval.

The decision was taken on Wednesday, during the first cabinet meeting following the general elections.

Chief of Staff in the Office of the Prime Minister Lionel Hurst said the decision was taken to continue to achieve the transparency that the administration has been pursuing since 2014.

“This review of contracts will also govern in the case of National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) and the Central Board of Health (CBH),” the report stated.

On Wednesday, the Cabinet invited to its meeting the Director, Permanent Secretary, and the Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Works.

Meantime Hurst said the Works Department is the first to begin the re-set of the Ministries now that new Ministers have been appointed in additional subject areas.

The Cabinet also applauded the New Minister of Works and the Technical Team for addressing Lablahlie Street in Grays Farm/Green Bay.

The plan to resurface that street using concrete has been rapidly advanced.

“Already, the cement, the steel, the aggregates, and the machines necessary to complete the resurfacing are being moved in place to complete the resurfacing of that 200-plus yards of that strip of road within weeks,” the Cabinet notes said.

The Minister of Works reported that the resurfacing of Anchorage Road has been halted until the new pipes delivering water have been installed since the existing pipes are more than 60 years old.


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