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Editorial Staff

PM Browne says any attempts to overthrow him will be a “zero-sum” game

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says any “man or woman” within his Cabinet who believes that they can try to overthrow him to become prime minister will need to think again.

Browne said over the weekend that there may be chatters that with a one-seat majority, his government could be affected by a defection

“Any man or woman who thinks he or she is so brazen, you know their career is done. Because the option would have been to go to elections, I will have had about 90 days, to do what I have to do… but that person who crooked us wouldn’t be on our slate. I am sure the UPP will not have any use for them, so I am sure that this person will be displaced”, Browne said.

Furthermore, Browne said if fresh elections are called, new talents will be brought in.

“[If we] go to elections and there is an opportunity to pick some new people because we have about six to seven new candidates. We will bring in some new talents, people who are competent, people who are connected, and people who have good character. Put them on the slate, go to the poll, and either we get a bigger mandate or the UPP will win, and in that case, that person who tries to mess up our government to become prime minister will end up with no seat ”.

He said whoever tries that stunt will see that it is a “zero-sum” game.

Browne said if he is ever faced with a situation like that, he already has a plan in place.

“There is no crossing of no floor…The only thing they can do is resign and become independent and work with their opponent. It wasn’t a threat. I said to them that if I was faced with that situation, that individual would run the risk of destroying their political career,” Browne added.


  1. John Bootcamp


  2. DJ

    John Boitcamp, what would you have said being in his capacity

  3. Mayann Martin

    This I what I have to reading this goodmorning. Mr. P M stop acting like a bully and continue to reunite your party. You don’t sound like someone just won an election and voted in for 3 terms. Why are you so bitter? What are you so scared of. This sure doesn’t look like the next level.

    • Craig Wyre

      Election Bought and paid Is not winning

  4. Audley Phillip

    We are in uncharted waters and the current life of this Parliament might be tumultuous and turbulent. For Antigua’s sake hope not. The Prime Minister needs to turn down his rhetoric as it threatens to alienate many within his own party especially the losing candidates, many of whom now feels dejected and despondent at his overall treatment of them. It is not an accident that you have not heard a single word from many of them. A good leader would seek to mend fences and gain consensus instead of continuing the divisive political tribalism. The Prime Minister have always been very outspoken but he needs to stop picking fights and finally LEAD!

  5. Every hog has its Saturday

    What goes around comes around. So, are some fed up ablpa parliamentarians? It seems Asot was correct when he spoke on that issue. It’s amusing reading about young potential leaders with integrity – Is the PM implying that some of his ministers in parliament has NO integrity? Mout open tory jump out!

    • Oooohhhhh My!!!!!!!

      This sounds like a dictator. “Do what I say my way, don’t think for yourself, stick with my party…. or die”. Imagine he just won and made history by being the first PM to win 3 times consecutively, yet he is sounding so bitter. Go and celebrate then do the country’s work genuinely, fairly and honestly, and move the country to newer, better and higher heights.

      I’m not judging, but it sounds as if you are just interested in using these politicians for your own personal gain to stay in power as leader. What a shame.

      • Anonymous

        Chuuppsss!!! Where would Gaston find people with good character? Birds of a feather do what???

  6. Victor Moreno


    • John Paul

      “”FOCK” together
      Did I miss a letter? Oh well

  7. Analysa

    Cone on. He is surrounded by snakes. Understand where he is coming from. Power hungry money hungry snakes are surrounding him. Maybe he need to leave the animal farm for those who wants to be in it. Protect yourself world boss.

    • Anonymous

      Election done gone . Let’s get on with business of Antigua and Barbuda.
      I head one looser said the government did not win the election. I had to send him a message and say stop it and don’t go down that road.
      Let the Prime Minister be and let him do is work.
      You guys are only stifling the country. If I was an inventor and see all these bickering from the opposite side, I would run from them.
      It’s all about self and creed.

      • Jason Lewis

        Hey would you want your boss speak to you like you are a child ? Smh people only see what they want to see. I respect people in Authority. But when a man behave like this and his back not against the wall. What would be his behavior if his back ever hit the wall ? No real leader publicly verbally abused his colleague like that and remember one of them is his wife. Stop it you are not the breadwinner for the party. You are not the only capable one in the party. And please do remember when you started you were just a banker with a big ego. You need to get with you people them and stop washing your laundry in public. Firstly you rush the election, which constitutionally should be in march. If you know you didn’t ready because you wasn’t sure about the members. You should call it in march. Now look what happen. No one trust anyone. I think it’s time for a new fresh party. With true leaders that have Antigua interests in heart. 🙏🏾

  8. C C H Rise

    Analysa you are talking out of your ass.

  9. God is still on the Throne

    Let God arise in this one.


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