Iran military plant hit by drone attack, Israel could be responsible


Jan 30, 2023

A military plant in Iran was hit by a drone attack Sunday. The incident happened at about 10:30 p.m. local time in the city of Isfahan, south of Tehran. Officials say no life was lost but minor damages were recorded.

“An explosion has occurred in one of the military centres affiliated to the Ministry of Defense,” Mohammad Reza Jan-Nesari, the deputy head of security for Isfahan governorate, said on Sunday, adding that although there were some damages, there was no casualty recorded.

The Iranian defence ministry said the attack was carried out from several Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs) but that the country’s “complex” air defence system was up to the task of repelling the attacks.

“There was an unsuccessful attack by small drones against a defence ministry industrial complex and fortunately with predictions and air defence arrangements already in place, one of them (struck),” Iran State Television stated. “The complex air defence system was able to destroy two other drones. Fortunately, this unsuccessful attack killed no one and minor damage was sustained to the roof of the complex.”

For now, no group or country has claimed responsibility for the failed drone attack. However, The Wall Street Journal cited a US official claiming Israel could be responsible for the attack. Although Israel does not often claim responsibility for attacks like this, it was not the first time its name was mentioned following an attack on Tehran. In 2020, the Iranian government accused Israel of attacking and killing top nuclear scientists. In 2021, they were also accused of launching several attacks on Iran, including an attack on one of the country’s underground nuclear plants.

Iran has not also accused anyone of the attack. However, the United States said it was not involved in it, and Israeli officials refused to make any statement regarding the attack.


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