Gov’t likely to give Africans legal status

Editorial Staff

Feb 2, 2023

The government says some arrangements may likely be made to ensure that the status of the Cameroons who choose to remain in Antigua and Barbuda is legal.

The decision was taken by the Cabinet on Wednesday, following cries from the Africans not to repatriate them to their homeland.

These men and women, over 233, we were told, arrived on the island through a chartered flight with a promise to be flown to Suriname and eventually to the United States.

“The Cabinet was informed that the visitors remaining in Antigua can be located in several small hotels and guest houses across the island. An offer to return them to their country is to be made, though many are likely to choose to stay, it was reported. Some arrangements may likely be made to ensure that their status is legal,” the Cabinet said.

The notes said that the Cabinet examined the circumstances under which the Antigua Airways flights were conceived and originated.

“The passengers were to be well-off citizens of Nigeria and neighbouring countries who wished to travel to the Caribbean as tourists. A well-established carrier known as Air Peace had made a request to commence a regular service between Nigeria and Antigua; the carrier chose to fly to Jamaica instead, since the ECCAA license was taking a long time”, the notes said.


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