What’s Happening “Down Yonder”?

Editorial Staff

Feb 5, 2023

Western Europeans are an amazing people, adept at inventing weapons of mass destruction, stories to cover their evil actions, and laws to shield them from the jaws of justice.

Columbus reached the shores of the Caribbean in 1492; there they met a people whom they tried to enslave. The European story about these Arawak natives is that they refused to work, grew very sad, and dropped dead. That was the end of that matter by the way, no need for an investigation. 

Columbus moved on to the North American mainland and found approximately 60 million savages readying themselves for an attack on Europe. These scalp hunters were, for the greater part, neutralized before they could set sail and accidentally, the European guns went off and killed their buffalo herds. The savages who escaped the bullets decided to surrender since they were so hungry; thus their lands were taken as war reparations. Laws were then crafted that made stealing cattle or horses punishable by hanging. This was to discourage any further plans by these red skins to regroup and invade Europe. Indeed, “there is no good Indian but a dead Indian.”

Four thousand years ago, there was a man named Abraham. He had several sons, one of whom had two sons. One of the two had twelve sons and four thousand years later, the twelve sons have become a population in excess of 15 million, accounting only for approximately 17% of the entire clan.

When the British convict ships landed in Australia in 1788, it is said that approximately 700,000 Aborigines inhabited the continent.  After being there for more than 4,000 years, these poor natives were only able to muster a population of 700,000, so the British con-men went to work. Approximately 700 convicts were landed at Botany Bay and within 235 years, they were able to increase their population to in excess of 24 million. The natives it seems were not schooled ln population increase know how, so their population crawled to 800,000 in the same time period. What’s more, during that same time, the natives lost their country to these criminals, probably at playing poker.

There is a story to explain away the obvious,  many stories actually but the sun shines brightly “Down Yonder”, so there is not much that can be hidden. From blaming the criminal propensity of the natives, their affinity for booze, and their physiology, while making no mention of the social relationship factor, the stories have been rolling out for many years. Every story has been officially told except the genocide story, which has been kept hidden in whatever little shade is available “Down Yonder”.

Plans and measures to erase the indigenous population of Australia is currently active. The British appetite for stolen things, like the magpie’s, is insatiable. It is unashamedly expressed globally and unrepentant even until today but is there a counter plan afoot?

In 2006, a young Aborigines man traveled from Australia to Jerusalem to observe the Feast Of Trumpets. He was convinced that his people were somehow connected to Abraham, since they had so much respect for the God of Abraham. His tribe even had a Torah scroll. He had come to Jerusalem to worship and to petition the God of Abraham on behalf of his oppressed people. The petition is in, actions are being weighed and justice will not be denied the peoples of Australia.

In 1986, some hypocrites made a law intended to end the rule of an invasive species in South Africa. I say hypocrites, since the lawmakers were themselves an invasive species in another people’s territory and still are today. The sanctions leveled on South Africa were effective and the nation was freed from the invasive rule. Some of the measures used included a sports ban and the West Indies cricket team observed the ban.

The sons and daughters of slaves from Africa need to stand up for their counterparts “Down Yonder”.  We are all victims of British atrocities and greed. Defeating it might be a daunting undertaking but we can deny our support. Let us call upon the West Indies Cricket Board to place a ban on Australian cricket until justice is achieved for the indigenous peoples of Australia.

This matter of the invasion of Australia has not come to the fore; and why? Is it because the people are not as aggressive as the Africans, or is it that, like the stealing of America, it’s too much for the thieves to hand back? We know that the British do struggle with returning stolen things. In 1905, the British took possession of a “little” big stolen thing from South Africa. The monarchs have refused to return this object, so here we see that it’s a struggle for them to give back stolen goods. “Huge” big stolen things are even more of a challenge to return, the magpie disposition demands another way to settle the matter of these thefts. Making laws along the way has become the preferred ploy used to keep stolen goods. Branding victims is another way, they are renegades, savages, rebels, thieves, they are smelly; working the spin on the victims is the favored tact. In the matter of the stealing of Australia, the rhetoric is the same.

“The Aborigines have so many flaws, unlike our flawless criminal selves. We were considered undesirables in our country, so we were shipped to another man’s country.  Now, we deem our hosts undesirable and would like to ship them elsewhere, like we were shipped, even to hell.”

One of these convict invaders even suggested spiking the drinking water of their captive hosts with sterilizing agents, to achieve the objective of the annihilation of the Aborigines population. Nothing is off the table it seems; great is the mystery of wickedness but consider the roots of these British invaders.

It is amazing that Europe has turned the blind eye to the plight of Australia’s native daughters, and focused the seeing eye elsewhere. The Australian hypocrite government assisted in throwing billions of dollars plus precious lives at a failed cause in Afghanistan, to protect Afgan daughters, they say, from the Taliban.

At home, however, these invaders are only interested in building prisons to host their Aborigines hosts. Perhaps they are not privy to the saying “charity begins at home” but of course, they do not want to feel charitable. They just might become soft and conscience prevail against their villainous plans to eliminate the evidence of their crimes, that generations to come would not know of the Aborigines, the only true peoples of Australia.

Quepit Cimple


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