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Editorial Staff

19yr-old charged in Clare Hall Secondary School attack

Clare Hall Secondary School

On Tuesday 7th February, the police arrested and charged 19-year-old Gerard DeFreitas of Clare Hall in connection with the January 31st incident at the Clare Hall Secondary school.

He was charged with Trespassing on the school’s compound; Being Armed with an Offensive Weapon, and Assault.

He was taken before the court on the said day. He pleaded not guilty to all charges and a date for trial was set for April 20, 2023.

On Tuesday 31st January 2023, two armed assailants breached security at the Clare Hall Secondary School and subsequently traumatized students, teachers, and ancillary staff with a machete and a golf club.

Following the incident, students were dismissed from school for the rest of the week in light of the incident on Tuesday at the school.

When they returned to school the following Monday, the students were met with protesting teachers and parents who demanded two police officers at the school instead of one

Their request was granted after discussions between the government and education officials


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