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Producer considers major film investment in Antigua Barbuda

Filmmaker Philippe Martinez

Filmmaker Philippe Martinez has been having discussions with the government to demonstrate how the making of movies in Antigua and Barbuda can benefit residents

The filmmaker made a presentation to the Cabinet explaining that he has already filmed nine productions in another Caribbean country and that over 200 nationals were employed, with much higher rates of pay than they earned in their regular jobs

The movies he told Cabinet have been distributed by a professional agency, in which he enjoyed a profit, and the island country received positive promotion.

Martinez set up MSR Media in 2019 and last year extended a deal in St Kitts & Nevis, to shoot multiple features there over three years.

And now, MSR, in joint venture with Apex Capital Partners will finance the movies here and hopes to recoup its investments through the Citizenship by Investment Program or CIP.

He has assured the Cabinet that as many as 500 files will be secured for this purpose.

Discussions are underway between the CIP Unit and the filmmaker.

According to reports, under the deal, struck with the premier of Nevis Mark Brantley, the Nevisian government provides access to locations on the island and accommodation support for the cast.

In return, MSR is augmenting the film industry on the island, including job creation and roles for local actors.

Christmas In The Caribbean starring Elizabeth Hurley is currently in production under the deal in St Kitts and Nevis while previous titles include comedies A Week In Paradise and One Year Off, and the thriller Assailant.

MSR also reportedly produces from its UK base in York, making festive features such as Father Christmas Is Back, sold to Netflix; and My Dad’s Christmas Date, sold to Amazon Prime Video.

MSR Media has since filmed several movies on Nevis including the thriller “Them or Us” and the action feature “Assailant”.

The company has signaled its intent to film more than 30 additional movies on Nevis and the sister island of St. Kitts.

Martinez has produced several movies including Wake of Death, A Week in Paradise, Father Christmas is Back, Mister Mayfair, and Assailant.

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  1. SharonP

    Uh Huh! And meanwhile in the REAL world, Antiguans struggle to deal with shortage in Healthcare services due to lack of investment and funding. Senior citizens live on crackers because of late payment of pensions. Government employees have not been paid back pay …….buuuut it’s all good👍🏾……Cabinet doesn’t live in the REAL World.


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