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Editorial Staff

Nisha Prosper wins 2023 Carnival Mothers Queen show

Nisha Prosper

Nisha Prosper who represented the Morne Jaune and Castle Bruce constituencies, has been crowned the 2023 winner of the Carnival Mothers Queen show.

Prosper won multiple awards and received best spectacular wear, best in spectacular wear, best evening dress, best in evening dress and best response to question.

1st runner up is Nacheal Walsh of  Mahaut and 2nd runner up, Cadesher Charles who represented Marigot.

Walsh won best talent and best in swimwear.  Best swimwear went to Cadesher Charles.

Emmanuela Jervier of Pointe Michel was awarded Miss Photogenic and Miss Amity.

The other contestant was Mesha Carbon of Boetica/Laplaine (Source Dominica News Online)



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