Antigua Breaking News stop “tiefing” our stories

Editorial Staff

Feb 13, 2023

I don’t know who operates ABN. However, I understand he sits behind a desk somewhere in Canada, literally snooping around news outlets in Antigua and Barbuda and reposting their stories like they belong to him.

On several occasions, this “journalist” has taken stories from without giving any credit to the website or the hard working journalists who brave the heat in St Johns, interviewed news makers and craft their articles.

It is a basic principle in journalism that if you are going to take an idea or quote from another media entity then at least give them some credit. Even at the bottom of the article, where no one can see their bylines.

Case in Point: just posted a story from last weeks press conference titled: Still not much appetite from regional governments to fund LIAT”. Ninety seconds after it was posted, ABN posted it as their own. No credit, no mention of where it was taken and no regard for anyone else.

Dear Mr ABN, its already disgraceful that you can run an online website in such a reckless manner and after speaking with you about the said matter, you continue your unethical practices.

I wonder what will happen to sites like yours when legislations are in place. But in the meantime, “tappp tief our stories”.


  1. Mary Mary

    Hahahahjajajaja. A good way to end my day. He needs to stop. Who are your reporters. Who owns the business
    Tell us tell us…tap tief lol

    • Mecumfayu


    • Mystic

      Thieves different From Tiefs
      White Collar Theives
      Blu Collar tief
      Comes in Musbelief
      Get way like Leaf
      Quick Release

  2. Algernon

    Welcome to the gutter. Here we were thinking this one was different from dem two.

  3. Anonymous

    LOL straight up talk

  4. Anonymous

    Well done! Shame on ABN !!!


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