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Editorial Staff

Police Commence Leadership Development Training Courses

Over the next coupe of months, the overall performance among the administrative staff within the police force in Antigua and Barbuda is expected to improve significantly.

That’s because the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda has embarked upon a series of Development Training Courses that will run throughout the year, and geared towards enhancing the overall development and performance of police officers for future leadership.

The first of these training courses began on Monday, February 13 at the Sir Wright F. George Police Academy, with 20 participants comprising Assistant Superintendents and Inspectors of Police participating in a Senior Executive Leadership Development Workshop.

The workshop is organized in part with the training division within the Ministry of Social Transformation and is led by Chief Training Officer, Dr. Miguelle Christopher, and her team, along with other facilitators specialized in the field of law enforcement, among other areas.

Commissioner of Police Mr. Atlee Rodney, as the director of training, was among several senior officers’ present at the brief opening ceremony. 

“This training course is an indication that the Police Administration believes in training the next generation of leaders, and you [the participants] should appreciate the value of training, but more importantly at your rank, the value of leadership training,” he said.

He further reminded them that the police organization is at a stage where the time for transformation and transition is fast approaching, and they must be prepared to carry on the mandate of the organization.

Deputy Commissioner Everton Jeffers, Supervisor of Training, also echoed similar sentiments, while speaking at the opening ceremony. He said the Police Administration believes in capacity building, and once we provide our human resources with the necessary training, this should take them to the places where they are supposed to be.

Some of the topics that will be covered include Emotional Intelligence, Corruption in Public Office, Ethics in Law Enforcement, Creating an Enabling Environment for Staff Development, Human Rights, Mental Health, and Citizens Centered Leadership, just to name a few. The participants will also be engaging in a series of impromptu sessions daily. The Workshop will run from February, 13th -17th.


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