BREAKING: Injunction denied Kelvin “Shugy” Simon to be sworn in

Editorial Staff

Feb 14, 2023

Kelvin “Shugy” Simon

The United Progressive Party’s Kelvin Simon will be sworn in on Friday. That follows a court decision to deny an injunction challenging his election.
The 42-year-old MP-elect will be sworn in along with other members of the House of Representatives on Friday.
Controversy erupted when the ruling ABLP party claimed Simon was ineligible to become an MP as he was a civil servant at the time of his official nomination for last month’s election.
The party said this contravened the Civil Service Act and the constitution.
First arguments were heard before court last week. Today the High Court ruled in Simon’s favour.
The former school guidance counsellor emerged victorious in the January 18 poll claiming 199 more votes than the ABLP’s incumbent Samantha Marshall. (SOURCE NEWSCO)


  1. Joseph andrews Ambrose


  2. Fooley

    Let’s get on with the people’s business now

  3. Janet

    Pray went up and God return the answer. God is the one who chose government.

    • Anonymous

      Amen God will decide

    • Anonymous

      Gloriously happy for you.

  4. Latocia King

    Congratulations my teacher a job well done them can’t hold you victory in Jesus name congratulations🎉🥳 again teacher.

  5. Ras Jus

    Congratulations Kenny Kentish Esq. for carrying that torch and holding it forth, alight n blazing!

  6. Dawn Thomas

    Same stick that hit the wild will hit the tame OR vise versa…
    What goes fu sungu MUST go for lungu…

  7. Fed up of Antigua

    Wow, wow why one own villager a file something in court against his own Villager.Aarom study your damn head your shitting foolish brains is in there.Just a laughing stock all are you be a.dn downright badmidedness.You so Sensible Aron look what you do a which Law Firm you used.Me would a.use another law firm a.who you fighting for yo get in Parliament when th done get bang off at the polls on election day.Aron mind you na tek sick and fall down a ground and you own Villager Shugy have to rescue you and call ambulance.Boy be careful Karma is a big bitch.Me could.never forsake me own Villager for na crazy or drunk.

  8. Anonymous

    God is in control winner winner god’s favor and mercy on you , can’t keep a good man down


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