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Editorial Staff

Teachers end one day strike

Teachers are expected to return to the classroom today Tuesday following a one-day strike over unsettled issues with their employee; chief among them security at schools, teacher upgrades, honorarium for some teachers and the status of the collective bargaining agreement

The decision follows talks between the government and the Antigua and Barbuda Union of Teachers on Monday.

Education Minister Daryll Mathew said his ministry provided an update on these matters during the meeting, saying that these issues are being finalized and are in various stages of competition.

“The union asked for some definitive timelines by which some of these items would be done. Some we were able to give definitive timelines. Others we were not at the reason for that is because some of these involve other arm of government including the treasury,” Mathew told State Media.

He said the meeting was cordial and respectful and “I believe at the end there was satisfaction on both sides. The teachers should resume to work as normal as we continue to work on some the issues that remain outstanding”.

Both parties are expected to continue discussions today Tuesday. The meeting described as “extraordinary” is expected to take place from 4:30 pm at the Clare Hall Secondary School Auditorium.

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  1. Anonymous

    Kudos to logical understanding between the 2 sides


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