Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Former XPZ employee pleads guilty to arson

Chinese national Tianzhao “Alex” Feng has pleaded guilty to burning down the XPZ supermarket.

The June 1 2021 fire saw the destruction of the business place located on Sir Sydney Walling Highway.

He was an employee at XPZ which opened its doors in 2018.

Feng, 29, came under immediate suspicion after he went missing in the days following the 1st June 2021 fire however he was subsequently arrested and charged

He has remained on remand at His Majesty’s Prison as his applications for bail have all been unsuccessful.

Feng’s China immigration status has expired since his arrest and he has been unable to produce his passport.

He has also been unable to get an Antigua and Barbuda national to stand as surety, which is a requirement for bail.


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