Guyana tells Venezuela to respect its border

Editorial Staff

Feb 19, 2023

In what has been described as a stern warning, the Government of Guyana has told Venezuela to respect the Geneva Agreement, which set the international border between both countries.

The entire ordeal is known as the Guayana Esequiba region in Venezuela and it covers a land area that is more than half of Guyana’s territory.

According to reports, the region is resource rich with deposits of precious metals and hydrocarbon.

The agreement was signed 57 years ago and band the ICJ; the International Court if Justice heard in person hearing from both countries last year

However a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Guyana called Venezuela’s claims that the agreement is ‘null and void’ “baseless”

The ministry said “Venezuela has sought over the years to undermine the Agreement and specifically to frustrate the resolution of the controversy by the judicial process even when, as now, it is obliged to participate,”

Furthermore, Guyana said any attempt by Venezuela to restrict its sovereignty and rights over the area goes against international law.

“As Guyana’s lawful development of its resources proceeds, it is pertinent today to emphasise that the Geneva Agreement imposes no obligation on Guyana to refrain from economic development activities in any portion of its territory or any appurtenant maritime areas,” the statement added.


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