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Editorial Staff

Gov’t to commission autobiography of Sir Robin

Sir Robin Yearwood

The government says it will commission an official autobiography of Sir Robin Yearwood, with the expectation that it will be completed by February 2026.

The latest decision was mentioned for the first time in Parliament on Monday, during the Throne Speech delivered by Governor General Sir Rodney Williams.

He did not mention who would write the document.

“My government acknowledges the contributions made by our citizens and residents and no less those who serve in the House of Representatives with an extended tenure as determined by the people who have repeatedly elected them to office. My government, therefore, joins in extending special congratulations to the Honourable Sir Robin Yearwood for his successful re-election to the House for 10 unbroken occasions which, all being well in 2026, will culminate in half a century of representing the St. Phillip North constituency,” Sir Rodney says.

The government he says also recognizes that this outstanding feat, which is rare among politicians in the 54-member Commonwealth of Nations, deserves to be chronicled for future generations to learn from.

The accomplishments of two other long-serving Parliamentarians in the persons of the Sir Molwyn Joseph, who entered the political arena in 1984, and the Steadroy Benjamin, who entered in 1994 will also be recognised.

“Both parliamentarians have served their constituencies for almost 40 and 30 consecutive years, respectively. These parliamentarians have been able to connect with their electors, deliver tangible benefits to their constituencies, and work tirelessly on behalf of the nation. There is no doubt that the new members of Parliament can learn valuable lessons from these fully matriculated and experienced members of the House of Representatives,” Rodney added.


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