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Editorial Staff

Antiguan family benefits from homeporting

An Antiguan family is enjoying the benefits of home porting.

Glenfield Charles, his wife Carolena, and their 5- year- old granddaughter were caught heading to Arvia today.

Arvia arrived in Antigua for its third homeporting operation with Antigua Cruise Port.

The vessel arrived with 4,690 passengers and 1,724 crew members. Over 900 passengers embarked while over 700 will disembark the Excel class ship today.

Glenfield is no stranger to cruises but says he’s glad not to have to travel abroad to board. Glenfield has been a taxi driver for 40 years, working on the frontlines of tourism.

Meanwhile, three generations of women visited Antigua today. The women who arrived aboard Arvia are 83-year-old Mirion Sharp, her daughter Sally Williams and granddaughter Louise Williams. Mirion has been to the destination before and loves it.

Her sister and niece will also be joining Arvia as they will be flying into the country to board the vessel this afternoon.

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