Did you see a strange light in the night sky?

Editorial Staff

Feb 27, 2023

Did you see a strange light in the sky this evening, emanating from the south side of the country? Well so did many other residents.

A resident said they saw the rays all the way from Frairs Hill Road, while those in Jolly Habour had a clearer view. People in several other Caribbean Islands saw it too.

It is still unclear what exactly the bizarre light is, although some say it is Space X satellites for second-generation high-speed low earth orbit internet constellation.

Whichever way, perhaps by this time tomorrow, or even sooner, there will be a better explanation about this night skylight that’s got everybody talking.


  1. Anonymous

    Ask the Chinese!

  2. Nick Powlesland

    We saw this unusual object from our hotel balcony overlooking Jolly Bay. It started as a very faint dot of light appx 30 degrees above the horizon travelling directly towards our resort , we thought it was an incoming plane. It was travelling fast, on a straight trajectory, but not as quickly as meteors which we have seen before. We were waiting for ‘the plane’ to turn towards the airport when it then appeared to turn or disappear giving off the distinctive display exactly as your photos have shown. This appeared to be a luminous cloud of gas or debris which lingered for a minute or two and slowly faded, it was very close to our hotel by this time. Our thoughts were that it was probably satellite or other debris burning up and it definitely wasn’t Venus or any other planet, visibility was good and we have never seen anything like it, a rather beautiful Antigua mystery for two visitors from the UK!


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