Grenada PM wants dialogue on slavery with UK, Spain & France

Editorial Staff

Feb 27, 2023

The UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been invited to attend discussions with CARICOM on the need for reparatory justice for the ills of British colonialism.

That gesture was made by Grenadian Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell today Monday, during a ceremony where members of the Trevelyan family said they were sorry for their ancestors’ role in enslaving over 1,000 Africans at their six plantations.

“As a head of government, I want to take this opportunity to join in a public request to my fellow head of government of the United Kingdom to accept our kind invitation to commence dialogue in an open, transparent, frank and dignified manner to talk of the need for reparative justice for the citizens of CARICOM,” he stated.

“And to also use your good office as the convenor to join with your European counterparts to address this issue with your French and Spanish counterparts in particular. And I make special mention of the Republic of Haiti. Because if there is one island where it is demonstrable that the need for reparative justice exists is the Republic of Haiti.”

Trevelyan also agreed that conversations about the impacts of slavery be held so that the work to heal the wounds of history can begin.


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