Jonas is to reappear in court Friday

Editorial Staff

Feb 27, 2023

Dean Jonas will return to court next week Friday. The former Gender Affairs Minister appeared before the court this morning to answer to charges of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, making use of threatening language, and battery on police.

The prosecution requested a later date to allow for someone from the DPP’s office to take the conduct of the matter because the incident involved the police.

Lead Attorney Wendel Robinson objected to the adjournment stating that minor charges such as what Jonas is accused of, are usually dealt with by the police prosecution.

He said that Jonas, despite being a former Minister of government is just like any other citizen and should be treated as such.

Jonas’s attorney has given early indications that his client will be taking legal action against the police, the Attorney General’s Office, and the Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney for unlawful arrest, false imprisonment, and breach of a person’s constitutional rights.

Jonas has said that during the encounter, police named Corporal Joseph, demanded that he release his child to him, without any prior notice or an order from the court.

Jonas said when questioned about the legal authority under which he should comply with the officer’s demands, he was not presented with any such document.

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  1. Anonymous

    Some police officers can’t handle some matters properly. some have anger and carry hurt inside . so when comes to handling and dealing with some things they let of their anger on human beings just like themselves. It’s sad to say but some of our policeman need training self control and angermanagerment training to approach. I hurt sad atmosphere. Some matter can be handle in a diplomatically.
    But Why human beings hurt each other So bad to a point they would do anything to couse ham. When things are good they are with you . We need help to fix this mother earth . Love is leaving this planet people.


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