Investigators detect fraudulent use of passports from West African countries

Editorial Staff

Mar 2, 2023

The government said it has received preliminary reports about the West Africans from the country’s Chief Immigration Officer, as investigations into the chartered flight issue continue

Information Minister Melford Nicholas told reporters at the Cabinet Press Conference on Thursday morning that the initial report indicates that at least in four instances, they have detected elements of fraudulent use of passports from one African nation to the other.

“And this is a matter that has been identified by the efficacies of the border management system that we have. So, the alert has gone up that we have to look further into this particular matter and decide who the actors involved in this particular fraud are. We are still intent on completing the investigation,” Nicholas said.

Hundreds of West Africans are in Antigua and Barbuda after being dropped off here on several chartered flights, with an alleged promise to get them to the United States and other countries.

However, many of them remain stranded here, without proper accommodation.

All this comes as the main opposition, United Progressive Party, has been calling for an inquiry into Antigua Airways

They have launched a petition online that already has over 700 signatures and counting.

That petition which calls on Governor General Sir Rodney Williams to commission an inquiry and a report on the issue has been circulated physically and online.

Most of the West Africans who are here claimed that they fled violence-stricken Cameroon to find safety. They have not shown any interest in returning to their homeland

The government has said that they are trying to find ways to keep them here legally


  1. Anonymous

    That opposition leader hates non-nationals and he will finde every means possible to keep those Africans out, but GOD is for all

    • Jezeble

      What does the fraudulent use of passports have to do with the opposition leader?? Why do Antiguans have to welcome all and sundry here?

      • Anonymous

        Chupit dem chupit and lub chat

    • Anonymous

      Someone would believe you if they didn’t know better. Such an untrue statement.

  2. vj

    Follow the Money because cash under the table was exchanged with the obvious corrupt deal between Browne Govt & The Nigerian syndicate behind Antigua Airways. The Browne GOVT knew there would be shenanigans and fraudulent activity before signing the deal but, $$$$$ is $$$$$.


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