Rivera resigns from DNA; now an ABLP member

Editorial Staff

Mar 5, 2023

Louis Rivera

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) has lost another member. This time Louis Rivera has confirmed that he is no longer a member of the minority party, after he tendered his resignation on February 6th, three weeks after the January 18th general elections.

He also confirmed that he has joined the ruling ABLP, saying on Saturday that it is a “party of big dreams…big ideas”.

Rivera who first contested the general election in 2018 as the DNA candidate for St Johns Rural North said he believes the ABLP is the best choice, especially for young leaders like himself.

In the January 2023 general elections Rivera contested the same seat against the ABLP’s Charles Max Fernandez and the UPP’s Pearl Quinn-Williams and lost

Prime Minister Gaston Browne told Rivera that if he intends to contest that same seat at the next general elections, now is the time to position himself

Fernandez has given indications that this would be his last term, paving the way for fresh blood.

“We welcome you and we want to encourage others to follow your lead. If you want to be a candidate, now is the time to step up. AT the next general elections there will be a generation change so those who position themselves now will be in a good position to become the next five termers…” he added.

Chairwoman Malaka Parker, First Vice President Bruce Goodwin, Secretary General Gatesworth James, and DNA’s mobilization officer Kelton Dalso all resigned from the party leading up to the elections.


  1. Anonymous

    More will follow shortly

  2. Anonymous

    It was a strategy to take vote away from UPP candidates

  3. Audley Phillip

    Some people are like animals. They often rush to where the grass seem greener. Seem more like an opportunistic approach than anything else. By the look of things all DNA candidates and members gone.

    • Robocar

      I totally agree with you Audley as I don’t trust people changing political party’s. Exactly where the “Grass seems Greener”

  4. Political Giant

    ABLP always attracts the cream of the crop and boasts about its transparency and next level ambition we have herd about economic powerhouse with Gaston Browne he dreamt it and would not stop until he achieves it the other low energy political opportunists just look for wages and fancy car but not this guy he wants to leave a legacy of prosperity pride and Nationalism for all Antiguans and Barbudans and he knows that the opposition with Lovell now retired he has a clear path to success the upcoming debates should be interesting , grabb the popcorn!

  5. Hilltop

    Seems like Mr Riviera is jumping from the pot into the fire, Antigua is full of flip floppers, how can you trust such individuals, there’s no remaining dedication to a belief, where are our principles


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