Editorial Staff
12 months ago

Editorial Staff
12 months ago

Bahamians in US organizing protest against government in Miami

Some Bahamians in the US and Canada are said to be preparing to stage a major protest against the Phillip Davis led government later this month. The protest is expected to take place in Miami Florida, according to the Coalition of Independents, Lincoln Bain.

Bain is the leader of the party which is considered the minority opposition and he said March 23rd is the day that boosts will be on the ground in protest.

“They are organizing a protest because they are disgusted by the way they’ve seen the Bahamian government treating Bahamians as of late from many instances, including Bahamians at Parliament being arrested,” he said.

Bain who has been arrested last month for unlawful did not organize the protest as there have been instances in which he and members of his party were arrested while trying to protest.

Bain pointed to a recent incident where he was arrested for unlawful assembly. That arrest happened a few days before the summit of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders in February.

​Bain maintains that he isn’t part of the group planning the protest in Miami but he said they are also angry that police stopped him from trying to demolish homes in the ghetto.

“They’re having a protest in front of the Bahamian embassy in Miami. They’re going to write a document that outlines their concerns and they’re going to deliver it to the Bahamian embassy. They invited us to come and be a part of this and to also speak and let the international media, American media, know exactly how we are being treated in The Bahamas as Bahamians and as political leaders by our government defiling our constitutional rights,” he explained


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