Magistrate rules police can prosecute Jonas

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Mar 6, 2023

Dean Jonas

An attempt by Attorney Wendel Robinson to prevent the police from prosecuting former minister of Gender Affairs Dean Jonas has failed, after Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh ruled this morning that the case will go ahead.

When the matter came up in court, last week, Robinson; the lead attorney in Jonas’s case, filed a submission that police do not have jurisdictions to prosecute anymore, since the Criminal Prosecutions Service Act abolished the police’s right to prosecute in 2017.

But today the court ruled that the police can prosecute Jonas based on a letter written by the DPP, which gave them that authority.

The matter has been adjourned until April 3, 2023

Jonas was arrested and charged with threatening language tending to a breach of the peace, disorderly conduct, threatening language, resisting arrest, and battery of a police officer, stemming from a physical brawl with police at his Scotts Hill residence.
In the video shared by thousands of people, Jonas is seen walking toward a police car as it pulls into his driveway.

Jonas greeted the officer who then explained why he was at Jonas’s home. It had to do with a legal matter concerning the custody of Jonas’s son, with another woman other than his wife.

Jonas then asked the officer to leave repeatedly.

After a verbal argument that lasted over one minute, a physical tussle ensued between Jonas and the officer who identified himself as Corporal Jason Joseph. Jonas was later arrested and charged.

Jonas has said that during the encounter, Corporal Joseph, demanded that he release his child to him, without any prior notice or an order from the court.

Jonas said when questioned about the legal authority under which he should comply with the officer’s demands, he was not presented with any such document.

According to Jonas, he considered the officer’s demand to be an attack on his family and refused to comply with the instructions given, which he deemed unlawful.

He said despite repeatedly and loudly instructing the officers to leave his private premises, he was forcibly arrested for protecting the welfare of his family.
Jonas is suing the officer in question, along with others.


  1. Anonymous

    What did u expect the police and the judiciary all are one fraternity

    • Tired

      You see it is only for special people. His lawyer bringing up that law. What happen to all those cases that was prosecuted by the police. No one is above the law. Can’t play favoritism. When you have your rights and throw it away you have to face the consequences.

  2. Elizabeth Tailor

    Perverse judgment

  3. Caribbean Father

    The law is the law and the interpretation of the law is quintessential to justice what is wrong will be seen what is right will shine like the sun


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