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Editorial Staff

Tourist robbed at Fort James Beach; two men arrested

Two men from Villa were arrested and charged after a tourist was robbed over the weekend.

According to reports, a man from the UK who was a passenger on the Norwegian cruises that was docked on Heritage Quay on Saturday, was robbed of his black leather Calvin Klein bag value 40-pound sterling containing 100.00US, one iPhone 10 value 200 Pounds sterling and one Accurist gold watch value 150-pound sterling.

The man told police that he was robbed by two men.

He said his bag was sitting on stone with his back turned when someone shouted out to him that his bag was stolen.

The man told police that he looked saw two males one dress in a black t-shirt and black three-quarter jeans pants and the other wearing a red and white shirt ruining through the bushes in a western direction.

A search was carried out in the area and the two suspects; a 28-year-old and an 18-year-old both of Villa were apprehended and taken into custody.

The IPhone was recovered in their possession. However, the other items were not found. Investigations are ongoing.


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