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Editorial Staff

ABYSO Junior String students meet Diana Ladio

Renowned 5-string violinist Diana Ladio spent an interactive afternoon with young string players enrolled in the ABYSO Junior program in Antigua and Barbuda not long ago.

Ladio is also a violinist, writer, educator, and humanitarian who was the fiddler for the notorious Celtic rock band, The Elders.

She is a passionate educator and health advocate who developed a non-profit called the Mox Project, to provide music enrichment workshops in schools.

According to reports, Ladio was traveling sometime in 2022 from Antigua back to the US and she was sitting next to ABYSO violinist Emily James who was also accompanied by her mother

The two had a conversation, which resulted in Francine putting Diana in touch with ABYSO Director and Chief Operations Officer, Claudine Benjamin.

This was when the workshop with the ABYSO Junior violin, viola, and cello players was thus developed.

 “It was my honor and pleasure to work with the ABYSO students! They were enthusiastic, polite, fun, and extremely talented. It was a joy! I can’t wait to see you all again” Ladio said.

ABYSCO student Julia George, said “it was fun and exciting. At first, I didn’t know what the things on the ground were and then I found out when she started tapping them with her feet. I was amazed at how she played and I liked the song she taught us”.


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