Editorial Staff
12 months ago

Editorial Staff
12 months ago

Haitian babysitter jailed in the Turks and Caicos

Ocianie Tibeau,

A 29-year-old babysitter from Haiti has been sentenced to serve one-year imprisonment after pleading guilty to unlawful entry along with two counts of a child in need of care protection

According to reports Ocianie Tibeau, was sentenced on Monday.

The woman was apparently hired as a babysitter for a four-year-old female child.

Evidence from the court pointed to reports that the child would be frightened and cry a lot, clinging to her mother, whenever she had to be left in the Haitian’s care.

The little girl, according to her mother lost drastic weight and would always be ill.

The mother secretly installed CCTV cameras within her home and based on the footage, they saw the babysitter striking and shaking the child violently.

The mother immediately contacted the police and officers

Assistant Superintendent of Police (Safeguarding & Public Protection Unit) Grantley Williams in a brief statement following the conviction said: “It is unacceptable that someone was entrusted to provide care to an infant resorted to using physical violence against a defenseless child. Physical violence against anyone is reprehensible, especially when the victim is a child.  I would like to commend the mother for immediately contacting the police and reporting the crime perpetrated against the child.

Adding, “In the same breath, I am advising parents and other caregivers of children and other vulnerable persons, to be very careful when employing unknown individuals to care for their loved ones. It may be appealing to hire an inexpensive/cheap helper who is undocumented and where the necessary background checks are not conducted. This, can end up being very costly, as you can expose your child or other loved one to harm, by employing undocumented persons. Additionally, you are also breaking employment and immigration laws.”


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