British legislator urges UK pay compensation to Caribbean for slavery

Editorial Staff

Mar 9, 2023

Clive Lewis, British opposition legislator,

Clive Lewis, British opposition legislator, with links to Grenada says the UK needs to pay compensation to the Caribbean for Britain’s involvement in the slave trade

The UK has been under pressure in recent years to pay Caribbean countries in that regard. And now Lewis said the time has come for London to enter into “meaningful negotiations”, with countries in the Caribbean to pay them reparation to mitigate the impact that slavery had on the peoples.

Last week, the Trevelyans, a very wealthy aristocratic family in the UK apologized for their family role in the slave trade in Grenada. They even set up an education fund on the island.

He said the government should follow the example of the Trevelyans, a wealthy aristocratic family, who recently apologized for their role in the slave trade in Grenada and set up an educational fund on the island nation. 

“They apologized for their ancestors’ part in the exploitation of the 1,000 slaves they owned on six plantations. They acknowledged the financial and cultural advantage that had generated for them, and urged the British Government, as I do today, to enter meaningful negotiations with the governments of the Caribbean in order to make appropriate reparations”.

“The Trevelyan family did not leave it there. They set up an educational fund worth £100,000, and in so doing opened the door of the debate just a little wider. Thank you very much for all that you have done,” he said.


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