Seven Venezuelans fined $14,000 for illegally entering T&T

Editorial Staff

Mar 13, 2023

Six women from Venezuela were fined $2000 by a magistrate after pleading guilty to entering the country illegally last week Wednesday.

They were given 30 days to pay the fine or face two months imprisonment.

The women were arrested during an overnight intelligence last week Wednesday.

Police said in a report that “between 9 am and 3 pm on Tuesday, and 10 am and 2 pm on Wednesday, an exercise was conducted in several locations in south Trinidad during which several Venezuelans were arrested as they were all found to have entered the country illegally”

They were taken to the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Heliport Detention Facility, Chaguaramas, and processed.

A joint effort between the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service’s Immigration Investigations Unit of the Criminal Investigations Department and Criminal Records Office uncovered the illegal entry scheme.


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