WATCH: Opposition walked out of Parliament today

Editorial Staff

Mar 16, 2023

In a very surprising move, Opposition MPs walked out of Parliament while the government side was attempting to make amendments to the Port Authority Act to allow for the sale of the Russian Superyacht moored in the Falmouth Habour for over one year now.

During Parliament, Prime Minister Gaston Browne sought to suspend the standing orders to debate the amendment bill, as he says it was a matter of immediate public importance.

But Jamal Pringle took issue with the suspension of the standing orders and asked the Speaker to rule against it.

The Speaker agreed with the government and Pringle exited the Parliament with his opposition colleagues.



  1. Anonymous

    That’s the opposition bad

  2. Anonymous

    They are inexperience this is too simple for these guys to walk out for.have mercy

  3. Sio

    This abuse of the house rules for a fake emergency have to stop. They took so many weeks to convien the house after elections and now now trying to rush a bill trough with out proper notification is not right. The time they took to print out the relevant documents not even a email to all the members of the house! This is unacceptable.
    Beware & wise my people. They need to consult the other members of the house in a timely manner because the other parties represents citizens… other than ABLP group. Many people have no idea of the effects of rushing important matters trough house with out properly preparing. They look so incompetent trying to draft the documents when it over a year now that vessel was in the harbor. I pray my people will wake up and demand that these political tricks to stop. That’s a little of my view on this matter.🤔

  4. Kathy Davies

    Wow, this is really surprising. I’m not sure what the cause is, but it looks like the Opposition MPs walked out of Parliament. I’m sure the government is still trying to make the amendment bill, but it sounds like they may not be able to do it without the Opposition.


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