Former US President expects to be arrested on Tuesday

Editorial Staff

Mar 18, 2023

Former President of the United States of America Donald Trump

The Former US President Donald Trump has said that he expects to be arrested on Tuesday urging those who support him to launch protests if this happens

Trump made the announcement this afternoon but his attorneys said that they did not know information from law enforcement. They claimed that Trump’s statements were solely based on media reports that cannot even be verified.

This latest news comes on the heels of attempts by prosecutors who have been looking at a possible indictment of Mr. Trump.

Media reports are suggesting that this incident could be as soon as next week and if this happens, it would be the first criminal case ever brought against a former president of the United States.

The entire debacle stems from allegations that Trumps attorneys paid hush money to porn star Stormy Daniel before the 2016 elections.

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  1. I love ❤️ my country

    Let this be a lesson to ALL even the top dog. No matter how long ” Be sure your sins will find you out”


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