Editorial Staff
12 months ago

Editorial Staff
12 months ago

Still no word on missing Grays Farm teen Kevin Millett Jr

Kevin Millett

There’s still little information about the whereabouts of Kevin Millett of Grays Farm who was reported missing on Friday.

And the teen’s family and the police are still seeking public assistance in finding him.

Millett was reported missing last week Friday. His rented car was found burnt in the Pot Works Dam area that very said day.

Police said the 18-year-old has not been seen since, while the circumstances that led to the burnt car remain under active investigations

Friends of Millett said they are praying that he is alive.

He was described by his friends on social media as a quiet young man who was very kind and polite.

Anyone with information can call the nearest police station or call the CID at 462-3913

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  1. Anonymous

    Sad it pains my heart when I hear about these incidents


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