CIU accuses Real News Antigua of being malicious

Editorial Staff

Mar 25, 2023

The Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) has issued a statement, accusing online media portal Real News of reporting malicious untruths about the organization.

The CIU, according to the media statement said Real News reported claimed that the ICU was instructed by Prime Minister Gaston Browne “to proceed with haste, regardless of the state of the due diligence process” to approve Russian applications for Citizenship.

The CIU said Real News Antigua attributes “this malicious story to sources in Washington” and “in the diaspora”.

The Unit said No name or agency is identified or quoted by Real News Antigua “because, in reality, they do not exist”

The story according to the CIU is “evidently contrived by Real News Antigua for unscrupulous purposes. The CIU dismisses the fanciful allegation that it has been instructed by the Prime Minister or any other policy official to discard due diligence processes, which it staunchly applies to all applicants” the statement added.

According to the CIU, ensures strict “unwavering procedures by its in-house team of compliance specialists, in conjunction with international due diligence providers, and global law enforcement agencies”

They claimed that the procedures are mandatory, and no exceptions are made.

“The Citizenship by Investment Unit is unwavering in its protection of the jurisdictional reputation of Antigua and Barbuda, as well as the integrity of the nation’s passport. In this connection, we deplore this deliberate attempt by Real News Antigua to sully the good name of the CIU and its staff,” the statement added.


  1. Anonymous

    They are obviously trying to burn down the country so that they can become kings of the ashes. How does destroying the CIP help anybody?

    • Mae

      The ABLP, when they were in opposition was against the CIP program from the beginning. So if the UPP supporters now is trying to burnt it down, let it be because it was there baby, they implement CIP program while all labor party supporters were big against selling the country’s passport.

  2. Janet

    For the CIU, if you’re such a great team doing your due diligence, then tell me, how Antigua and Barbuda passports ended up in so many criminal hands? That free visa access to Canada is taken from us. Next, it is going to be England.


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