Cameroonians seek answers on missing family

Editorial Staff

Mar 28, 2023

In a barrage of Facebook messages, Cameroonians living in various parts of the world have been seeking answers about their loved ones.

The identity of those who have been reported missing remains undisclosed. The three who were fished out of the sea in St Kitts on Tuesday were also undisclosed.

Rescue efforts have been paused and are expected to continue tomorrow but with every passing minute, the hope of finding any more people alive grows slim.

“Please, somebody…My sister’s name is Nanya. She was on that boat. I need to know if she died or if she is alive. We are not hearing anything”, a woman from Cameroon posted.

The authorities in St Kitts and Nevis have not disclosed the names of anyone just yet.

At least three people have now been confirmed dead after Jenna B left Antigua and Barbuda and was found capsized 12 miles south of St Kitts Conaree village

32 passengers were aboard, the vessel although clearance from the Antigua port indicated that only three persons were expected to be on the vessel destined for the USVI

Prime Minister Gaston Browne said his government will continue to offer refuge in Antigua and Barbuda to the survivors of Tuesday’s events, “and we will make appropriate arrangements for the burial of the deceased. We will also make every effort to contact their relatives to advise them of this heartbreaking tragedy. We appeal to the Africans, who are in Antigua and Barbuda, not to be tempted into any schemes such as happened today, but to work with the Government, through our Immigration authorities, to help find acceptable solutions to their circumstances” he added.


  1. Anonymous

    Sad situation

    • Hera Pinscher

      Who is the Boat’s Captain responsible for that?

      • Mae

        Today is the second day and still, no names have been released to the public.

  2. Anonymous

    Very sad

  3. Mae

    In a real country, we would know by now the name of the boat crew members and the passengers’ names.


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