Tropical Shipping Stalwart, Frank Schwartz, Retires After 40 Years

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Mar 28, 2023

Frank Schwartz- Retired Island Manager Tropical Shipping Antigua

Press Statement

Stalwart Frank Schwartz retires after 40 years of excellent service and dedication to Tropical Shipping.  In his role as Island Manager of Antigua & Barbuda, Frank has brought much success to the Company over the years.

He began working for Tropical Shipping in 1983, after working with American Airlines. Four decades later, Frank has the same passion for the industry as when he started. Frank reminisces:

‘My time with Tropical Shipping is invaluable to me. The growth and positive changes that Tropical has contributed to Antigua and the region over the last forty years, that I have been privileged to witness, are astounding. The feeling of gratitude and appreciation for the part I have played in helping to shape our economy, from an international and regional shipping logistics perspective, cannot be overstated. I must thank Tropical Shipping for the opportunity in 1983, and the business community for the warm and meaningful interactions over the years. I will forever cherish my time in the business.”

Frank has positively impacted the lives of not only his Staff, but his Customers and Partners in the industry.  He is also seen as a man truly dedicated to his community through his contribution as a musician and as a Volleyball Coach.

One of Frank’s Staff, Ms. Jennifer Joseph, comments, “Frank will be greatly missed as he was an extraordinary team leader who educated and supported his team, so that we were able to provide excellent service to our customers.”

Assistant Vice President of the Eastern Caribbean Trade at Tropical Shipping, Mark Lopez congratulates Frank, “Frank’s reputation and standing within the Shipping Industry in Antigua is legendary.  Frank has enhanced the name of Tropical Shipping, and although we are sad to see him retire, we are happy to see him embark on exciting new adventures.”

Tropical Shipping thanks Mr. Frank Schwartz for an outstanding 40 years of service! 

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  1. Anonymous

    Congrats my friend. Enjoy your retirement.


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