Outbreak of Covid at His Majesty’s Prison

Editorial Staff

Apr 8, 2023

Two prisoner officers and twelve inmates have tested positive for Covid-19

They are reportedly all symptomless and have been isolated

Testing is still on going.


  1. Earlyn

    My prayers 🙏 go your country and may the mighty God bless you and your country in prayers.

    • Mystic

      Set de Captives Free
      It’s Hurricane Season
      Set De Czptuves FREE
      No Hospitality
      Set De Captive FREE..
      Covid Free

    • Anonymous

      Well I swear that virus done, LORD have mercy on your people

  2. Whitfield Hastings

    What you mean by set the Captives Free To Do What Rape Rob Kill Again? And Spread Their COVID Virus Hell No !!


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